About Us


We are Palm Springs’ premier design jewelry gallery featuring artisan created wearable works of art. We offer a wide variety of design styles, stones, metals, blended together with flair and sophistication to fit everyone’s fashion taste and budget. We are known for out extensive and exclusive men’s jewelry design collections that run from casual and fun to exotic and distinctive as well as one of the largest selections anywhere of gay marriage and commitment rings.

As a child, I apprenticed for a master goldsmith and talented artist in New Jersey for 12 years. During my youth collecting stones and gems fascinated me. This passion has led me in my career for the past 31 years. The earth has given us a bounty of beautiful precious gemstones and metals to cut and forge. I use these elements to create uniquely inspried design that last a lifetime.

Today my business is primarily focused on producing one-of-a-kind designs for the gallery as well as custom works to meet my client’s needs. The jewelry is created in a studio that is filled with highly skilled technicians from the jewelry industry. These jewelry artists are responsible for bringing my design concepts to the completed piece of art.

Come and experience the creations of Jewelry designer and gemologist, Jef Timms at Hephaestus Jewelry of Palm Springs. This gallery store offers an extensive, eclectic collection of fine jewelry that must be seen to be appreciated. Known for his unique wedding bands and one-of-a-kind engagement and statement rings, a visit to Hephaestus and an opportunity to meet Jef is truly a memorable experience. Hephaestus Jewelry offers something for all tastes and budgets, from contemporary to vintage, funky to art deco, trendy to timeless elegance, so come explore and enjoy the beauty of this unique shopping destination.

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